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10 Best Account Based Marketing Tools 2022 [Comparison]

Account-based marketing (ABM) is an effective tactic for accelerating growth and acquisition in the B2B sphere.

ABM stands out from other tactics with its ability of pinpoint targeting and superior personalization. If you are considering implementing ABM in your marketing stack, then you should think about using a worthy tool too.

Luckily, we have amassed some of the best account-based marketing tools for you today.

In this guide, you will find a full comparison of these tools, including their features, best use cases, and pricing policies.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of July 15, 2022.

Best Account-Based Marketing Tools: Comparison Table With Features

Before taking a deep dive into each tool separately, let us take a look at this overview that highlights the key features of each.

10 Best Account-Based Marketing Tools Comparison Graph - Digital Marketer's World

As we can see, these ABM tools are distinct from each other. The reason is that each one is tailored for a specific use case.

Now let’s see what these use cases are.

Best ABM Marketing Tool by Use Case

Although we will talk about the best use cases of each tool separately, having a birds eye view will give you an overall understanding of what each tool is trying to accomplish.

  • Terminus — when you need extra data or omnichannel campaigns.
  • Vainu — for adding advanced prospecting to your existing CRM suite.
  • Jabmo — enterprise companies in manufacturing, supply chain, etc.
  • 6Sense — companies with lots of anonymous B2B buyers.
  • Triblio — products where personalization is important.
  • RollWorks — advertising-heavy teams and marketing strategies.
  • Demandbase — large teams with a need for dedicated sales, data, and advertising tools.
  • HubSpot — mid or large firms preferring to keep everything in one tool.
  • Madison Logic — enterprise businesses with lots of data.
  • Marketo — companies who already use Adobe Experience Cloud.

We got you covered on the use cases and features, however, we still need to look at the definition of account-based marketing itself before we jump into listing the tools.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a digital marketing strategy that combines sales and marketing activities to target specific accounts and turn them into paying customers.

Best account-based marketing tactics rely on a high degree of personalization and targeted communication with key decision makers to achieve its goals.

With the definition of ABM clear, we can finally move on to our first tool – Terminus.

Tool #1: Terminus

We begin with Terminus, an omnichannel tool that covers the four key components of account-based marketing – targeting, engaging, activating, and measuring.

Terminus homepage screenshot
Credit: Terminus

It is a tool with versatile data acquisition capabilities as it can either rely on the data you provide from your own sources or get it from its proprietary database.

Who Is It For?

Terminus is best for teams that don’t have enough of their own data and need to take advantage of the tool’s proprietary data.

Moreover, this tool is a great fit if you plan to use multiple channels as part of your account-based marketing strategy.

Terminus Features

In terms of the feature coverage, here are some of the interesting ones that you can see in Terminus:

  • Prospect acquisition. Terminus lets you filter prospects based on the data about companies, such as their location, type, size, as well as intent, and engagement.
  • Omnichannel support. You can create campaigns that utilize multiple channels such as email, chat, display ads, and social media (e.g., LinkedIn).
  • Alerting. You can set up automatic alerts for sales teams when an engagement is good enough for them to take over.

This tool also provides analytics capabilities for measuring and improving your performance.

Terminus Pricing

Terminus does not publish its prices on its website. Instead, there is a set of various plans and suites, including the Advanced and Enterprise Go-To-Market Bundles and others that have a prompt to request a demo from Terminus sales representatives.

Terminus focuses on covering all ABM aspects and use cases. However, not all platforms are taking this approach. Some prefer to take care of only one part of ABM strategy, with a prominent example of such a tool coming up next.

Tool #2: Vainu

Unlike many of the tools on our list here, Vainu is not an all-in-one ABM solution. Instead, it keeps its focus on excelling at one aspect – prospecting.

Vainu homepage screenshot
Credit: Vainu

Vainu puts emphasis on the quality of data and provides access to a huge number of data points (e.g., firmographic) to let you run advanced filters on your prospect lists.

Who Is It For?

Choose Vainu if you already cover the engagement and activation aspects of ABM in your existing CRM tool and only need to automate your prospecting.

Vainu Features

With a focus on prospecting only, this is what you can expect from Vainu:

  • Comprehensive filtering. The tool comes with over 100 filters that you can set with a couple of clicks to help you shortlist your prospects based on your personas and find high-value accounts.
  • Automatic list updates. Vainu can automatically add new prospects to your shortlists based on the criteria you have set.
  • Real-time data refresh. You can set up webhooks or use native integrations to pull updated data into Vainu from your CRM instantaneously. 

There is also the Chrome extension letting you access Vainu data on a given website without changing the tab.

Vainu Pricing

Vainu comes with a Team plan for 6,600€, a Business plan for 12,000€ (that provides additional integrations and data updates), as well as a custom Enterprise option, and a Free Trial.

Up next, we return to the realm of all-in-one tools with ABM software that targets the big companies. 

Tool #3: Jabmo

Jabmo is an account-based marketing platform that lets users manage everything from prospecting to closure in a single tool.

Jabmo homepage screenshot
Credit: Jabmo

What sets Jambo apart from others is its focus on serving large enterprises with concierge campaign management and GDPR-compliant data security.

Who Is It For?

Jambo is the best fit for industries with complex sales workflows, such as manufacturing, biotech, logistics, and others.

Jabmo Features

Aside from the managed marketing campaigns and data security, Jambo also provides:

  • IP-based grouping. With this approach, you can target a narrow set of contacts or even a single company.
  • AI-based buying signals. Jambo’s machine learning algorithms can analyze account behavior and predict the prospect’s likelihood of making the purchase.
  • A/B testing. You can set up an ABM group vs. Control group comparison to measure your performance.

Jambo also lets you set up automated email reporting to get all the necessary ABM metrics in your inbox.

Jabmo Pricing

Jambo does not provide information about its plans and prices as it is open to customizing its offerings through negotiations with enterprise customers.

To schedule a call with their sales team, they have a dedicated demo request page.

Jambo’s AI-driven capabilities are impressive, but there are other tools with embedded machine learning models, too.

Tool #4: 6Sense

6Sense is an AI-first platform that approaches the traditional ABM problems with ML-backed marketing solutions.

6Sense homepage screenshot
Credit: 6Sense

This platform still covers the regular ABM features, such as prospecting, multi-channel ABM campaigns, etc. However, its emphasis is on augmenting existing data with AI models to increase the effectiveness of ABM operations.

Who Is It For?

6Sense can detect the behavior of potential B2B buyers browsing your website anonymously. Thus, it best fits the companies and products that have a significant number of anonymous B2B buyers.

6Sense Features

Thanks to its focus on artificial intelligence, 6Sense is capable of:

  • Smart orchestration. This feature includes the ability to enrich contacts with additional data and suggest buyer journeys.
  • Dynamic audiences. AI models can automatically create audiences based on common behavior and keep them constantly up-to-date.
  • Cross-platform contact matching. 6Sense can detect visitors across multiple devices and match them with the appropriate account.

 6Sense also comes with a library of integrations for sharing insights with 3rd party tools.

6Sense Pricing

This platform, just like many of its peers, does not have a public pricing page, and the only way to familiarize yourself with its plans and prices is to sign up for a demo first on its Demo Page.

While 6Sense tries to get the most out of AI models, other players in the market focus on creating valuable experiences for their customers with traditional non-AI features. One of such tools is Triblio.

Tool #5: Triblio

Triblio is an omnichannel AMB platform that lets marketers orchestrate their campaigns with predictive data.

Triblio homepage screenshot
Credit: Triblio

But predictive orchestration is not the only specificity of Triblio, as it also provides advanced personalization capabilities based on the data gathered from each account.

Who Is It For?

Triblio creates the most value for the marketing teams and products where personalization is a must, as you can take advantage of the tool’s databases as well as your own data to create personalized experiences for your target audience.

Triblio Features

Other than the personalized messaging, Triblio also provides you with:

  • Drag-and-drop campaigns: allowing the creation of user journeys for automatically nurturing target accounts with ads, email marketing, and more.
  • Purchasing probability calculation: using proprietary lead scoring algorithms, Triblio can analyze account behavior and intent data and tell the probability of a prospect making a purchase to help you target the right accounts.
  • Sales and marketing pipeline unification: this feature allows a seamless transition of accounts from marketing to sales teams, thus improving the sales processes and the sales funnel.

Triblio also provides detailed analytics on both campaign and account performance.

Triblio Pricing

Triblio comes in three packages, the Marketing only, Marketing and Sales, and the Enterprise with no option for a free trial.

All three plans appear without any pricing. Thus, you will need to go through a demo with the Triblio team and then get a price quote.

Triblio is among those omnichannel tools that pay equal attention to all channels. However, there are other tools that focus on a single channel. This is what RollWorks does.

Tool #6: RollWorks

RollWorks is a multi-channel B2B sales and ABM platform that gives special attention to advertising management.

Rollworks homepage screenshot
Credit: RollWorks

RollWorks provides a variety of media for placing the ABM ads, including traditional display ads and non-traditional email signature ads.

Who Is It For?

Considering its focus on advertising, RollWorks fits the teams and strategies that rely heavily on ads as their primary channel for acquisition and growth.

RollWorks Features

RollWorks comes with a solid set of features, including:

  • Account suggestions. With this feature, RollWorks will automatically find and suggest new potential prospects based on your criteria and ideal customer profile (ICP).
  • Key contact identification. You can select the account lists that interest you and get their key decision maker contacts for outreach.
  • Account news. Apart from important data about the company, you can also access key account news, including their recent performance, launches, and others.

RollWorks also has an alerting mechanism in place to automatically monitor accounts and keep you informed when something important happens.

RollWorks Pricing

The capabilities of RollWorks are available to customers under four plans – Starter, Standard, Professional, and Ultimate.

Starter comes with a limited number of seats and a $975/month price tag. The remaining plans all have unlimited seats and more advanced features, but there is no public price tag on them. Therefore you will need to talk to their sales team first.

RollWorks is a tool focused on ABM only. However, not all solutions on our list are like that. Demandbase, for instance, has a wider scope of functionality.

Tool #7: Demandbase

Demandbase is a B2B marketing suite consisting of several tools, including ABM.

Demandbase homepage screenshot
Credit: Demandbase

The suite of Demandbase consists of dedicated tools for managing advertising, data, sales operations, as well as a solution they call Account-based Experience (ABX), which covers the ABM needs with an emphasis on customer-centricity.

Who Is It For?

Demandbase is most useful to large teams with a need for dedicated advertising, sales, and data management solutions apart from the ABM.

Demandbase Features

As Demandbase is a multi-product suite, let us understand what its tools that we mentioned earlier do:

  • ABX Cloud covers the account-based marketing needs, including orchestration, engagement, and personalization for effective lead generation.
  • Advertising Cloud includes a variety of IP and cookie-based ads and AI-driven bid optimization.
  • Data Cloud lets you manage APIs, and keep your data clean and void of errors.

Finally, there is also the sales cloud which includes all the necessary features for covering the needs of sales teams.

Demandbase Pricing

Demandbase’s tools are available to purchase both separately and in the form of a bundle for marketing or sales teams.

The prices for separate tools and bundles are not accessible to the public; you can only get customized quotes from sales reps.

Continuing with the marketing suites that also have ABM capabilities, let us move on to discussing HubSpot.

Tool #8: HubSpot

HubSpot is a digital marketing tool that follows the all-in-one philosophy.

HubSpot homepage screenshot
Credit: HubSpot

HubSpot’s scope is broad in terms of the areas it covers, as it has everything from CRM to CMS and marketing automation tools. ABM is one of the services available in the HubSpot suite.

Who Is It For?

HubSpot’s wide coverage of features means that it fits best for mid to large B2B companies who want to manage everything within a single tool.

HubSpot Features

Considering the all-in-one nature of HubSpot, let us mention some of the prominent tools in includes:

  • Marketing Hub includes the capability of creating automated workflows and managing multi-channel campaigns (including email campaigns and ad campaigns) for demand generation.
  • Sales Hub serves as a complete CRM, helping with qualified lead management and sales pipeline management.
  • Operations Hub helps you clean up, distribute and manage the customer data in HubSpot. 

HubSpot also has the CMS Hub for content marketing efforts and landing page creation and the Service Hub for customer support activities.

HubSpot Pricing

You can purchase HubSpot’s products separately or take one of the three available bundles – Starter for $45/month, Professional for $1,600/month, and Enterprise for $5,000/month.

HubSpot can serve companies of different sizes. Our next tool, on the other hand, prefers serving mainly enterprise customers.

Tool #9: Madison Logic

Madison Logic is an account-based marketing platform that has tailored its features and services to the enterprise sector.

Madison Logic homepage screenshot
Credit: Madison Logic

Like many of its counterparts, Madison Logic is capable of using two sources of data – proprietary data and your company’s databases to find prospects and contact them via omnichannel campaigns.

Who Is It For?

Madison Logic is the account-based marketing software of choice if you are a large enterprise company with a significant amount of data.

Madison Logic Features

This tool has the entire ABM flow covered with features such as:

  • Content syndication: monitoring the contacts and their behavior for accounts and helping you target those likely to purchase.
  • Journey-wide advertising: there is a capability of targeting accounts with retargeting ads at each point in their customer journey.
  • AI-based analytics: this is a suite of dynamic reports that can provide you with actionable insights.

Madison Logic also integrates with various CRM and marketing automation platforms such as SalesForce and HubSpot.

Madison Logic Pricing

Since it’s an enterprise-first company, Madison Logic’s prices depend on the individual needs of its customers. Thus, there are no public prices, and interested customers need to have a demo and then negotiate the price.

Finally, we have reached our last tool Marketi which has recently become part of the larger Adobe Experience Cloud.

Tool #10: Marketo

Marketo (now called Adobe Marketo Engage) is a digital marketing tool with the necessary features and capabilities for covering account-based marketing needs.

Marketo homepage screenshot
Credit: Marketo

Just like Demandbase, Marketo is also a proponent of the customer-centric approach and likes to call itself an ABX (account-based experience) tool.

Who Is It For?

Since Marketo is part of Adobe Experience Cloud, it is a natural choice for companies already using Adobe as their marketing tool.

Marketo Features

As an ABM tool, Marketo comes with the features like:

  • Smart prospecting: using AI to analyze prospects and choose the best ones.
  • Cross-channel campaigns: communicating with prospects across multiple channels.
  • Pipeline predictive analytics suite: monitoring and improving the performance of sales pipelines.

Marketo is also able to share its data with the Adobe Experience Cloud, so you can continue your work in other tools that are part of that cloud.

Marketo Pricing

To get access to Marketo, you will need to obtain the Adobe Experience Cloud. There is no pricing available as you need to get a consultation first.

Now Over to You

There are plenty of account-based marketing tools out there with great features and impressive capabilities. Each of the ten services we mentioned excels in one particular area. Thus, the ABM tool of your choice depends on your needs.

We have more content on account-based marketing and other topics in our blog, so make sure to check them out if you want to learn more about this strategy. 

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