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7 Best Link Building Agencies for High-Quality Links in 2022

Link building is an inseparable part of any digital marketer’s work. It is a great approach to increase the SEO rankings of your own website or the site you manage for a client. 

Although link building is a must-have strategy, you might not always have the time and resources to work on your backlink profile. Besides, you are probably reading our guide because you are seriously considering hiring an agency to handle this job for you.

That’s why we have prepared a list of the seven best link building services that can help you manage your backlinks. Let’s dive in. 

Agency #1: Digital Olympus

Digital Olympus focuses on obtaining high-value backlinks from credible websites.

Digital Olympus homepage screenshot

The company follows the quality over quantity tactic as it doesn’t  do spammy mass outreach campaigns. Instead, the Digital Olympus team individually contacts and establishes relationships with corporate websites and places your backlinks on their website pages.

Digital Olympus has established a five-step process for developing your backlink profile:

  1. They prepare a list of corporate blogs that come from your niche and have relevant content for your links from their list of partners.
  2. Afterwards, they submit the list to you so you can review and approve it.
  3. When they get your approval, the Digital Olympus team contacts the partner company and places your backlink on their website.
  4. Once a month, the team submits a link building report to you for your final approval and feedback on the progress.
  5. Finally, they constantly monitor the existing backlinks to make sure that there are no broken links.

As the services of Digital Olympus revolve around high-profile backlinks, they also offer additional services to help you get and maintain such links. Let’s see some that are worth mentioning.

Digital Olympus services

In order to build and maintain high-value backlinks, Digital Olympus has‌:

  • Long-term partner websites. The company has built a list of 1,000 partners who are corporate sites with blogs, and this is where Digital Olympus will place your links.
  • Reputational risk management. To protect your reputation, the company will not reveal your brand and company name to the partner webmaster  unless they are confident that the link placement will happen.
  • Reviving lost links. In case the Digital Olympus team finds that one of your links is gone, they will either try to revive it or build an additional backlink for you.

Considering that your backlinks are on corporate websites that do SEO and link building themselves, Digital Olympus estimates ‌these backlinks to grow in value by around 30% after placement.

Our recommendation: hire Digital Olympus to help you get high-value backlinks.

Agency #2: FatJoe

FatJoe is an agency that offers a variety of marketing services, including SEO, link building campaigns, copywriting, design, and video production. But let us hone in on the link building services only.

FatJoe homepage screenshot

FatJoe provides its services on a white-label basis, meaning that its presence is not seen anywhere through the process, and it is only your brand that appears in outreach communications and elsewhere.

Regarding the link building itself, FatJoe keeps track of all link placements to ensure that you do not get repetitions and have an instant view of the links and metrics on a dedicated dashboard they provide you as soon as these links go live.

Now let’s move on to see what types of link building services are available at FatJoe.

FatJoe services

FatJoe provides a variety of ways to build your backlink profile. Here are several of the services that you can get:

  • Blogger outreach service. It includes reaching out to relevant blogs with a guest post offer, then writing the article and having it posted on the blog.
  • Niche edits. Here, the FatJoe team will find relevant articles on the internet, offer additions to the content, do the writing and make sure that the new version of the article is live with your link.
  • Infographic outreach. This service includes manual outreach, infographic topic research, production, and link placement.

FatJoe also offers content syndication and multilingual outreach. 

Our recommendation: hire FatJoe to handle the blog backlinks for you as they have an efficient guest blogging process along with a considerable network of bloggers.

Agency #3: Page One Power

Page One Power achieves backlink growth and content marketing for its customers.

Page One Power homepage screenshot

Before going ahead with obtaining links for your website, Page One Power offers a technical SEO audit service. With this audit, the company identifies technical issues, suggests possible  alterations to your website, and sends a list of improvements that you need to take care of.

The technical SEO audit helps ensure that the backlinks Page One Power builds provide more value to your site.

When your website is ready, you can decide which type of link building you want Page One Power to do for you. There are three options you can choose from.

Page One Power services

Here is what the company offers in terms of backlink growth:

  • Guest posting. This is one of the classical link building techniques that you can choose. Page One Power team will reach out to websites, offer a topic, prepare the blog post and get the backlink. 
  • Unlinked mention. With this service, the team will find websites where your brand is already mentioned but does not have a link, contact them and request adding your link to the mention.
  • Resource pages. Here, Page One Power will use existing linkable assets on your page to reach out to resource pages and place your asset link there. If you do not have linkable assets, this service also includes its creation.

If you need a mix of different approaches, the company also has a custom link building service where you get a dedicated project manager and prepare your link building strategy with them.

Our recommendation: work with Page One Power if you need a mixed set of backlink growth services and want to have a project manager to handle your requests.

Agency #4: The Upper Ranks

Upper Ranks is a link building-only company that focuses solely on that task.

The Upper Ranks homepage screenshot

The company takes a customized approach to improving its clients’ backlink profiles. It means that they prefer not to use standardized approaches. Instead, they tailor and create strategies for each specific client and product.

Besides customizing their link building to every client, Upper Ranks also offers specialized services to specific niches. Let’s see what these niches are and what the company offers for them.

The Upper Ranks services

While the company offers link building to websites of all niches, it has specialized services for‌:

  • Digital marketing agency partnerships. Upper Ranks suggests agencies to outsource link building to them. The company provides competitive research, audits, outreach, and content creation on a white label basis – mentioning only your brand name.
  • Startups.This service package helps startups meet the Google EAT standards with an improved backlink profile. This service works along well with web development services for startups too, as the company has experience collaborating with development teams.
  • Affiliates.  For this niche, Upper Ranks offers to promote existing posts containing affiliate links by improving the site’s backlink profile and obtaining links pointing to these posts. 

There is also the Enterprise service for high-volume link building.

Our recommendation: go for The Upper Ranks if you are a startup or affiliate who needs tailored link building services.

Agency #5: RhinoRank

RhinoRank is a link building agency that serves mainly other marketing service providers.

RhinoRank homepage screenshot

RhinoRank focuses on doing link building activities under the client’s name. The client SEO agency can provide their own research, targeting, keywords, etc., and RhinoRank will get backlinks based on these requirements. Client agencies also get to choose the URLs to promote, as well as the anchors and niches.

But what are the services the company has for agencies? Let’s take a look.

RhinoRank services

As an agency, you can expect RhinoRank to get you‌:

  • Curated links. That is what RhinoRank calls its niche edit service. This is when the company finds existing posts on reputable websites and reaches out to them to add your anchor text and link in the content.
  • Guest blogging:. The company also provides a classical service – building backlinks by posting content as guest writers on websites.
  • Client dashboard. No matter if you have opted in for the curated links or guest posting service, RhinoRank gives you access to your own dashboard to monitor the progress of their work and check out the new backlinks on the website.

RhinoRank’s website also claims that it can handle hundreds of websites if you are an enterprise customer.

Our recommendation: use RhinoRank services for handling link placement for your agency as they have built a well-performing niche edit process.

Agency #6: Neil Patel Digital

Neil Patel Digital’s set of services is wide. It includes research, customer journey mapping, advertising, SEO link building, SaaS tools, etc. We will discuss only the link building services for our comparison.

Neil Patel Digital homepage screenshot

In terms of backlink management and growth, Neil Patel Digital prefers guest posting or, as they like to call it – linkable content marketing. They have partner blog networks and websites where the company authors can contribute an article with your link.

Neil Patel Digital also offers customized link building services depending on what you want to promote – from an app to a local business or an ecommerce product.

Neil Patel Digital services

Here are several customized backlink services we would like to mention: 

  • App store submissions.In this case, company experts will use specific link building tactics to get backlinks for your app on Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Local businesses. As part of local SEO, Neil Patel Digital can build a backlink profile that will help people who live in your neighborhood find your business.
  • Product reviews: This service is about placing relevant links on the blogs of influencers that review products and driving organic search traffic to your product page.

Neil Patel Digital also has an audit service to check your website for any SEO issues and fix them.

Our recommendation: If you need to outsource your linkable content marketing, then go ahead with hiring Neil Patel Digital.

Agency #7: OutreachMama

OutreachMama is a service that helps you improve your search rankings with relevant backlinks.

OutreachMama homepage screenshot

Before selecting a prospect for getting a link, the OutreachMama team checks the website’s domain authority and domain rating, citation and trust flow, as well as their traffic on SEMrush and Ahrefs.

After that, you get to approve or reject the prospect, and there is no payment charged for rejected cases.

Other than link building, OutreachMama also has a set of SEO services that you can get to improve your backlink profile. We have some of them listed for you.

OutreachMama services

OutrachMama can help you perform analysis before starting backlink development. In particular, they can help with:

  • Backlink analysis: checking out your current backlinks, their quantity, and quality. 
  • Anchor analysis: evaluating your current anchors and suggesting improvements.
  • Competitor analysis: analyzing how your competition is tackling their backlink building.

The company also assigns a project manager to provide you with updates and handle your requests.

Our recommendation: choose OutreachMama if checking each prospect and approving them one by one is an important factor to you.

Now that you have a full list of the best link building agencies, let’s discuss some theory and figure out what link building is and why it is essential for your business.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of having other websites mention you by placing your hyperlinks (also known as backlinks) on their web pages.

The rationale behind obtaining backlinks is that search engines view the number of links and their quality as a signal that they can trust your website, and it is worth giving it a higher rank in search results.

When speaking about link quality, we refer to the reputation of the website that has placed your link. A backlink from Forbes is much more trustworthy in the eyes of search engines than one from, let’s say, a blog with 200 monthly visitors. 

Quality, however, is only part of the job. Having a single backlink from Tesla’s blog will not let you rank 1st in search results. You need to have lots and lots of backlinks from websites with an excellent reputation to be able to compete for better rankings.

From the point of view of ethics, there are two types – black hat and white hat link building. White hat is about getting genuine links from legitimate websites on the internet, while the black hat refers to using PBNs, machine-generated content like press releases, case studies, social media posts, etc.

Link Building is among the most time and resource-consuming parts of an SEO companies’ work. Over 40% of SEO experts consider it the hardest part of their job. But it is definitely worth spending your time, resources, and finances on it. 

There are many reasons to do link building. Up next, we will check out the three most important ones.  

Why is Link Building Important?

There are many factors that search engines take into consideration, but link building is among the top three that affect your rankings (the other two being high-quality content and RankBrain).

But that’s not all. Here are the three more reasons you should include link building in your SEO strategy.

Reason #1: It gives you credibility

Building a profile with backlinks from popular sites can help you increase your brand awareness and become an authoritative source in your niche. 

And it makes sense. Imagine that you have performed deep research on SEO ranking factors and published an article with lots of useful findings on that topic. Then a reputable site like Search Engine Journal creates a guide for Search Engine Optimization and mentions your research as a source. In the eyes of a search engine, your content was so good that a popular site referenced it.

Thus, backlinks serve as “votes of confidence” for your website. But, unlike regular votes, it is not the quantity that matters.

If you get thousands of low-quality backlinks from websites with average or low reputations, don’t expect better search engine rankings. However, if you  gain the interest of a handful of well-known platforms and get your links placed on their pages, you can look forward to higher positions in search results.

Reason #2: It increases web traffic

Another important reason to ramp up your link building is the prospect of getting more traffic.

There are two ways of increasing your traffic with quality link building:

  • Get better promotion of your pages by search engines.
  • Get referral traffic from the websites that have placed your links.

The first case is straightforward. A good backlink profile means you have a higher domain authority (also known as DA). As a result,  search engines will promote you better and place your pages in higher positions in search results, thus helping you get more organic traffic.

Regarding the referral traffic, it involves all the visitors who have ended up on your page by clicking on your backlinks on other websites. If you have many high-quality backlinks from quality websites, you can expect lots of people to click through the backlinks and land on your website.

Reason #3: You create relationships

In order to get backlinks, you will often contact other businesses in your niche or journalists and bloggers. Mainly, you contact them because you have a page, product, or research that you want to promote, so you ask them to talk about it on their pages and link back to your site. 

However, there is another side to this type of communication. You are building long-term relationships with peers, prominent players, and influencers in your industry. If you ‌gain the trust of these people, chances are they will start reaching out to you in the future with interesting offers of collaboration and mutually beneficial projects.

Since it lets you build long-term relationships, increase traffic, and get better credibility, link building becomes an essential part of your digital marketing activities. But who should you reach out to help you build your backlink profile? Let’s begin with our first agency.

Now Over to You

To conclude the list, we would also like to give honorable mentions to Linkbuilder and Skale, two more link building companies for you to consider.

Both internal links and backlinks are important for your website’s SEO. While internal linking is easy to manage with plugins, improving your backlink profile is a more resource-intensive undertaking. If you decide to outsource it, the seven agencies listed here are all great candidates for you. We are confident that you will find one here with link building packages and pricing that fits your needs and requirements.

Our blog is a one-stop shop for interesting digital marketing guides and comparisons. Go check it out. 

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