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12 Marketing Jobs that You Can Do From Home [with Tips]

Are you a major in Marketing but don’t have any experience yet? Or maybe you’re a student who wants to gain some practical knowledge?

Whatever your situation is, you can start a remote marketing job remotely and even take on several projects at once to build up your portfolio. 

Wondering if there are enough remote job opportunities for you?

You don’t have to worry about that. In fact, you have twelve options to choose from, which we will cover here in our article. 

So, if you want some marketing experience but also need flexibility, here are twelve marketing jobs you can do remotely.

1. Social Media Manager

We’ll start our list with social media managers – a job you can 100% do remotely, especially if most of your colleagues work from home. 

By the way, the position of a social media manager in a company is not very competitive. According to statistics, there are 26,725 people doing this job officially in the U.S. You can also take the freelancing path and apply for a social media management job via platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. As for your salary, the same source of stats says male social media managers earn a bit more than $60K while female managers earn $57K a year. 

Sounds interesting?

Let’s see what activities this job involves. 

What does a social media manager do?

A social media manager is responsible for developing a company’s online presence on social media networks through content creation and interaction with followers. So, your job would include:

  • Creating social media content that represents the brand and its values
  • Tracking engagement and reach data
  • Communicating with followers
  • Facilitating customer service through social media channels
  • Creating and oversee a content plan and content calendar
  • Working with influencers on promoting the brand
  • Managing social media design 

Now, do you need specific education to complete social media management tasks?

Let’s take a look. 

Required skills and qualifications

Some employers require social media managers to have either of the following degrees:

  • Digital marketing
  • Advertising
  • Media and communications
  • Journalism
  • PR

Qualifications in business intelligence, social media, or interactive technologies can make your resume more competitive. 

As for the skills, here are the most essential ones you’ll need for an entry-level job:

  • A deep understanding of how major social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram function. 
  • Copywriting and content writing skills
  • Knowledge of social media algorithms
  • Strong communication skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Project management skills

Aside from these requirements, you might also need skills using social media management tools, such as Buffer, Hootsuite, or Later. Regarding education, it’s not always a must – you can master social media management by going through an online course, like this one created by Meta on Coursera

Are you not into social media but like writing content? Then the following two remote job options are definitely for you! 

2. Copywriter

As a copywriter, you would have to write copies (content) for ads, websites (landing pages) and create other marketing materials. Such copies are usually promotional in nature and aim to sell a product or service. 

Is copywriting a well-paid job?

Fairly – statistics say that copywriters earn around $50K a year, with a starting salary of about $35K. However, we should also point out that copywriters usually work on several projects simultaneously, so you could effectively earn around $70K a year, which is not bad at all.

Now, let’s see in more detail what your job as a remote copywriter would entail. 

What does a copywriter do?

So, most job postings for copywriters include the following responsibilities:

  • Write a copy for different sources, including a website and social media platforms
  • Write scripts for videos
  • Work on the branding strategy, helping a company formulate its core brand message
  • Edit and proofread the copies of other copywriters (if you’re a senior copywriter at a company)
  • Running advertising campaigns
  • Doing keyword research and search engine optimization for the copy

Most of the time, of course, you’ll be working with other marketers on creating content for promotional purposes. The list of responsibilities will also greatly differ depending on the project you’ll take on. 

Do you need specific qualifications for this job?

Let’s see. 

Required skills and qualifications

The greatest part about working remotely as a copywriter is that you don’t necessarily need a specific education. Some employers ask for the following degrees:

  • Journalism
  • Philology
  • Advertising
  • Media and communications
  • PR
  • Marketing

As for the skills, here are the essential ones you will have to work on to get the job:

  • Fluency in MS Word programs
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Attention to detail

For copywriters, having a strong portfolio is the most important employment factor, and the same goes for content writers, which is another great remote work opportunity. 

Let’s take a look at what content writers do, and if you’re wondering about the difference between copywriting and content writing, check out our guide with comparison points.  

3. Content Writer

Content writers produce creative copies for digital and print media. Most often, you’ll see a content writer work on blog posts for a brand. However, you might also be engaged in copywriting tasks, such as creating email copies, advertising copies, and other creative assets for marketing. 

Statistics show that content writers earn more on average than copywriters – over $60K. In some states, such as California (San Francisco, in particular), working as a content writer can earn you over $80K a year. You can also work on several projects at once as a part-time freelancer. 

Let’s explore in more detail what your job will include.  

What does a content writer do?

When doing job search for a content writing position, you will encounter the following responsibilities:

  • Producing high-quality written marketing content that consistently maintains the brand’s core message
  • Creating and running a content calendar
  • Editing and proofreading other copies
  • Developing content for different channels, including website, social media, and sometimes writing video scripts
  • Doing SEO and keyword research 
  • Monitoring content KPIs
  • Writing content for online sources for PR to promote a blog and boost its traffic

Now, let’s see which skills and education you need to have to work as a content writer remotely. 

Required skills and qualifications

Like with copywriting, you also need a strong portfolio as a content writer as your writing skills will determine the project level you can apply for as well as your pay. Yet, having a specific degree can also help you get the job:

  • Philology
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Media and communications
  • PR

Nevertheless, remember that, as a content writer, your knowledge of the subject matter counts more than anything. So, if you have a medical degree and excellent writing skills, you can work for a healthcare startup and create well-researched knowledgeable articles. 

Aside from writing, you will also need the following skills to achieve success as a content writer:

  • Impeccable knowledge of the English language (or any other language required for the copy)
  • Communication skills
  • Editing and proofreading skills
  • Great organizational and time management skills
  • Proficiency in writing and editing programs
  • Creative and critical thinking abilities

We’re done with purely writing jobs; now, let’s see what’s left on our list of remote work opportunities. 

4. Performance Marketing Specialist

Performance marketing specialist manages all digital marketing activities on social media, search, and advertising platforms. So, you can say that a performance marketer is the jack of all trades – you will have to know digital marketing in and out, be familiar with how Google and its algorithms operate, have experience with SEO and SEM possess a great deal of knowledge about copywriting and content writing, and understand how to run advertising campaigns on different channels. 

Alright, it does look like a bit of a mess, so let’s break down your responsibilities one by one. 

What does a performance marketing specialist do?

The main focus of your job will be on running digital marketing campaigns and tracking their performance. But since your primary task is ensuring the company’s growth, you will also have to be engaged in the following activities:

  • Assist with optimizing advertising campaigns
  • Plan and test landing pages
  • Optimize traffic acquisition
  • Do A/B testing for various campaigns
  • Perform competitor analysis
  • Track and analyze KPIs and campaign data
  • Plan and distribute digital marketing budget
  • Test different marketing channels and their viability for the brand

As a performance marketing specialist, your main responsibility is to implement a data-driven approach into all marketing activities and use it to ensure consistent brand growth. 

Now, let’s see what qualifications you’ll need for the job. 

Required skills and qualifications

As for the education to do the performance marketing job, you will obviously need a marketing degree of some kind, with qualifications in business intelligence and business administration. So, if you have an MBA, you can definitely hope for higher pay. 

Regarding the skills, these are the ones you will absolutely need to do basic performance marketing tasks:

  • Data analytics
  • Proficiency in MS Office and Google Analytics
  • Understanding of social media marketing
  • Knowledge of online advertising (Google Ads, social media ads)
  • SEO and SEM
  • Technical knowledge of coding (HTML, PHP)

The most desirable personal qualities of a performance marketer are being goal-oriented and a problem-solver. The same goes for a content marketing specialist – let’s talk about this remote job option next. 

5. Content Marketing Specialist

If you had to combine a copywriter, a content writer, and a little bit of a performance marketing specialist, you would get a content marketer. This job implies doing everything content-related – from creating to distributing it and ensuring that it brings tangible results. 

Wondering about the pay?

According to, content marketing specialists earn up to $48K on average. But again, as with all marketing jobs you can do from home, you can work as a content marketer on several projects, earning you almost $100K a year. 

Now, let’s see what your job as a content marketing professional would involve. 

What does a content marketing specialist do?

Your main task will be to develop a content marketing strategy that represents a brand and ensures the growth of its online presence. In particular, you’ll be engaged in the following activities to achieve this goal:

  • Do competitor analysis
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Optimize content for SEO
  • Work on an editorial calendar
  • Create content (visuals and text)
  • Publish and promote content
  • Monitor content performance KPIs

You will also work on testing different content marketing strategies and adapt them to the brand’s needs. 

Do you need a specific degree for it?

Let’s look into this matter. 

Required skills and qualifications

Let’s clarify the main question – you don’t have to have higher education to do the content marketer’s job, although majoring in Marketing can be of great help. However, if your degree has nothing to do with it, you can still work as a content marketer if your portfolio allows it. 

As for the skills, you will need the following:

  • Keyword research and SEO
  • Content writing and copywriting
  • Data analysis 
  • Strategic planning
  • Editing and proofreading skills

In some cases, you might need the knowledge of video editing tools or graphic design (depending on what content you’re working on). Having solid project management skills is also an asset. 

Content marketing is also involved in the brand strategist’s job. Let’s take a look at it. 

6. Brand Strategist

As a brand strategist, you’d be helping companies develop their unique brand identities and define growth opportunities based on the industries where they operate. In other words, you’ll be the person behind creating a brand. 

Is this job worth trying money-wise?

Absolutely. The average pay a brand strategist gets is $88K a year, so this job can earn you a solid living. Depending on the company’s size, you can earn more than $100K a year, and a starting salary for this position is about $58K, which is also very good. 

But what would you be doing exactly as a remote brand strategist?

Let’s take a look. 

What does a brand strategist do?

Your day-to-day tasks will mostly involve analytics:

  • Collecting data from sales teams to understand consumer behavior
  • Creating a lead generation strategy to increase revenue
  • Developing a differentiation strategy (a set of tactics that would distinguish a brand from its competitors)
  • Conducting competitive research
  • Building and optimizing content and social media marketing strategies
  • Designing and implementing promotional campaigns
  • Assessing the performance of the campaigns 
  • Establishing and optimizing a branding strategy

You will have to work alongside other marketers to make sure the brand is consistent in its presence throughout different online platforms. 

Is a degree required to do this job?

Let’s answer this question. 

Required skills and qualifications

Yes, brand strategists need to have a Bachelor’s degree in one of the following disciplines:

  • Marketing
  • Business administration
  • Psychology
  • Communications

However, you can major in Journalism, Philology, and other disciplines and simply acquire a certification, which will help you develop the core skills necessary to work as a brand strategist:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Analytical mindset
  • Strong research and writing skills
  • Storytelling skills
  • In-depth knowledge of strategic marketing operations

As with many previous remote marketing roles, you will need a solid portfolio to become a brand strategist. The same goes for SEO specialists coming up next on our list. 

7. SEO Specialist

SEO implies search engine optimization, which is exactly what you’ll be doing for your client. In simpler words, you will improve the online visibility of a company by optimizing its website and content. The set of activities you will perform depends on whether you’re doing SEO for B2B or B2C businesses, a marketing agency, or a marketing department. 

The salary of SEO specialists is on par with brand strategists – $78K a year, but it can get higher depending on your work experience and portfolio. Also, the scope of the job to be done can impact your final salary. 

Search engine optimization is a rather vague explanation for what you’ll be doing, so let’s break it down into tasks. 

What does an SEO specialist do?

Overall, most of your daily activities will entail the following:

  • Develop strategies that would improve the company’s ranking in Google SERPs
  • Analyze traffic via Google Analytics and Google Search Console and search for ways to increase it
  • Do keyword research and help content marketers develop an effective content strategy
  • Run SEO campaigns
  • Launch and optimize paid search campaigns to ensure maximum ROI
  • Work on technical SEO
  • Run link building campaigns 
  • Monitor performance metrics with SEO tools

Sometimes, SEO specialists also work on creating content for the website or blog to boost traffic and improve online visibility. 

Which qualifications do you need as an SEO specialist?

We’ll reveal them in the following section. 

Required skills and qualifications

Usually, SEOs have a marketing degree with a qualification of a digital marketing specialist. However, it’s not mandatory – you can get certification to confirm your skills, but what really matters is your experience and portfolio. 

Here’s the list of skills necessary to do the SEO job:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Data analysis
  • Basic technical and programming skills
  • Knowledge of Google algorithm
  • Keyword research skills
  • Understanding of key SEO tools, such as Google Analytics, GSC, as well as SEMrush, Ahrefs, and so on. 
  • Knowledge of content marketing 

For some projects, you will also need brand strategist skills. For instance, if you have to develop an SEO strategy for SaaS, you will need to study this company’s target audience persona and understand how this industry operates to be able to improve the business’s visibility online. 

Now, off to the next remote marketing job on our list. 

8. Email Marketing Specialist

It’s a no-brainer that, as an email marketer, you will have to build from scratch and manage an email marketing strategy for a company. This task includes a wide range of activities, which we will cover later. For now, let’s see how much working as an email marketing specialist can earn you. 

In a nutshell, this job can bring you good money. According to Glassdoor, an email marketer can earn $90K on average, but the pay can go up to $295K depending on the company you’re working for as well as your experience. So, not too shabby.

Now, what exactly will you be doing if you get a job in email marketing?

Let’s see. 

What does an email marketing specialist do?

Your job will entail everything connected to email as a marketing channel:

  • Build email lists
  • Create content for emails (promotional, newsletters, etc.)
  • Run campaigns to nurture leads via email
  • Design email templates and test them
  • Analyze the data to increase email personalization
  • Build and manage an email marketing funnel
  • Ensure email marketing strategy follows policies and regulations
  • Track email campaign performance metrics

Is a degree necessary to perform all these tasks successfully?

Let’s explore this question.

Required skills and qualifications

The job of an email marketing coordinator requires deep knowledge of the following domains:

As for the skills, you’ll need to be a good communicator and have an analytical mind to do this job, as it involves a lot of data mining to ensure that email marketing campaigns achieve their goals. 

Is email marketing not really your cup of tea?

What about product management? 

Let’s see what this job has in store for you. 

9. Product Marketing Manager

Essentially, as a product manager, you will oversee a company’s products and how they are promoted and distributed. You will be responsible for developing a product marketing strategy, a set of tools, practices, and tactics that ensure a product’s success in the market. 

The position of a product marketer is pretty lucrative – you will earn around $123K per year on average, which is by far the best paying remote job for marketers that we’ve covered today. 

Of course, such a high salary comes with many responsibilities, so let’s take a look at what you would be doing as a product marketing manager. 

What does a product marketing manager do?

As we mentioned, you will be responsible for developing, running, and optimizing a product marketing strategy, which involves:

  • Studying the company’s products
  • Doing market research
  • Optimizing the company’s marketing strategy to promote products effectively
  • Finding new opportunities for customer acquisition
  • Building trustworthy relationships with prospects and existing customers to ensure engagement
  • Running retention strategies to increase customer loyalty
  • Tracking and analyzing product marketing KPIs
  • Doing product testing

Overall, all the activities you’ll be involved in will focus on boosting the product’s performance on the market. Additionally, you may also be involved in developing new products or services. 

Now, let’s see what qualifications and skills you need to do this job. 

Required skills and qualifications

To start this marketing career, you will need a degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Communications, or a similar field. Sometimes majoring in data science can get you this position, as you will have to work with a lot of data. 

Here are the skills that are essential for this job:

  • Background in copywriting, content writing, and graphic design
  • Knowledge of product design
  • Marketing skills
  • Knowledge of web analytics tools
  • Project management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills

If you’re interested in this job but don’t have the necessary qualifications, certification courses are available. For instance, here’s one from Cornell University that takes only two weeks. 

Now, let’s get back to SEO-related jobs, in particular, link building and outreach. 

A link builder’s responsibilities are to build a backlink profile for a company, which is important for its visibility, authority, and position in Google search results. You can read more about the perks of link building and how to do it in our guide.

Link builders are also outreach specialists as their job involves reaching out to the owners of websites (or people responsible for SEO and content), forming a relationship with them that results in a partnership, and securing backlinks. 

This is just a brief description of what you would do as a link building specialist. Let’s look at your responsibilities closer. 

What does a link building and outreach specialist do?

Your main focus will go to finding and securing partnerships with other websites:

  • Pinpointing and researching viable link building opportunities
  • Running content audit to find opportunities for link placement
  • Doing keyword research 
  • Promoting existing content as a linkable asset
  • Working with content writers on creating new content for backlinks
  • Monitoring the backlink profile
  • Performing competitor analysis
  • Doing outreach through various channels

This job is great for those who like building connections and finding new partnerships. But what do you need to start as a link building and outreach specialist?

Let’s see. 

Required skills and qualifications

If you have a background in SEO, you can try link building, as it is a part of off-page SEO. A major in Marketing, PR, or Communications can also be an asset, but it’s not always mandatory. 

To start as a link building and outreach specialist, you will need the following skills:

  • Communication
  • Project management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content writing
  • Digital and online marketing

Strong research and analytical skills are also necessary, as you’ll be monitoring many SEO-related metrics. 

A link builder’s job might appear connected to PR, and it is. By the way, you can also work as a PR coordinator remotely. Let’s see what this job entails. 

11. PR Coordinator

PR coordinator’s job title also involves doing outreach, but it will be directed at increasing brand awareness of a company in its industry. Your main task will be to build a strong image of a business by connecting with both traditional and digital media, monitoring brand coverage, and doing promotional activities. 

How well does this job pay?

Relatively well – the average salary is $48K a year, but it will depend on your portfolio, experience, and education. The scope of responsibilities also defines your salary, so let’s take a look at what you will do as a public relations coordinator. 

What does a PR coordinator do?

Your job duties will depend on the size of the company you’re working for, but the key activities include:

  • Setting the company’s public relations goals
  • Writing press releases and promotional content and distributing it
  • Forming and facilitating strong relationships with media outlets
  • Scheduling and running press conferences
  • Cooperating with other marketing team members to run brand awareness campaigns
  • Analyzing campaign KPIs
  • Creating and maintaining the list of influencers and journalists

It might appear that this job can’t be done remotely, but it’s possible. For instance, you can pick up a PR coordination project for an e-commerce startup and run online events and conferences to promote its brand and product. 

Now, let’s see what you’ll need in terms of skills and education. 

Requires skills and qualifications

This job requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Marketing, or Journalism. Typically, the higher your degree is, the better-paid position you will land. Here are also some skills that are essential for PR coordinators:

  • Knowledge of marketing and brand management
  • Strong communication skills
  • Outstanding writing skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Knowledge of project management

Your portfolio is another thing that will put you in front of everyone else when applying for a PR coordinator position. Experience is often required for this job, so make sure your portfolio is as extensive and diverse as possible. 

Off to the last option on our list of home marketing jobs. 

12. Marketing Analyst

If you have an analytical mind and are passionate about marketing, why not try yourself as a remote marketing analyst? Your job would involve mining, researching, and interpreting the company’s data, e.g., about customers and assisting in developing strategies that would improve business performance. 

This job pays pretty well – around $60K a year, and with more years of experience, you can get about $100K. Not bad, right?

Now, let’s see what exactly you will be doing as a marketing analyst. 

What does a marketing analyst do?

A marketing analyst’s job description includes:

  • Researching and analyzing sales funnels to optimize revenue
  • Tracking performance KPIs (lead generation, conversions, customer engagement, traffic, email campaigns, etc.)
  • Running competitive research
  • Performing A/B testing
  • Doing product testing

These tasks might remind you of the product manager’s, brand strategist’s, and SEO specialist’s jobs, but as a marketing analyst, you will only be responsible for finding the data and suggesting initiatives based on it, not implementing any strategies. 

Next, let’s see what education and qualifications you will need. 

Required skills and qualifications

You might need a degree in Marketing to do this job. However, qualifications in SEO can also help you land a marketing analyst position. The main focus will be on your skills, which should include:

  • Knowledge of SEO and SEM
  • Experience in PPC advertising
  • Knowledge of MS Office, especially Excel
  • Proficiency in marketing automation tools
  • Analytical skills

This is a great job for introverts, as it won’t involve communicating with many people, especially if you work remotely.  

4 Benefits of Remote Marketing Jobs

Alright, we’re done with our list of remote marketing work opportunities, but why would someone apply for one of them in the first place?

Remote work has four considerable advantages that can convince you to choose home office:

  1. There’s no commute. Americans spend at least an hour a day commuting to and from work. Add the prices for gas or public transport tickets, and you will end up with a sum that could strain your wallet. If you choose to work at home, you can exclude commuting from your monthly expenses.  
  2. You can personalize your working space. Sitting at a work desk in an office can be notoriously boring. At home, you can do whatever you want to your work environment. By the way, remote work can be done from anywhere, so your work desk can be somewhere in a hotel in Greece with a beautiful view over the Mediterranean sea. 
  3. You have more personal time. Many people prioritize their families over a job, and that’s normal. If it sounds like you, remote work will give you an opportunity to spend more time with your family while still earning a solid income. 
  4. There are no office distractions. If you organize a quiet nook in your house and establish a household policy to keep quiet during work hours, you will find working from home much less distracting than working in an office. 

Have we got you interested in applying for one of the remote positions on our list? 

Here are three tips that will make working from home even more enjoyable and effective. 

3 Tips for Digital Marketers who Work from Home

People who are just starting to work remotely sometimes can feel confused and disoriented about how to organize their work day. At Digital Marketer’s World, we work remotely full-time, and we’ve found these three recommendations to be the most effective in helping you feel disciplined:

  • Invest in good tech. Nothing can be more disruptive for the work process than a lack of the necessary tools. So, make sure you have everything you need to optimize your schedule to work smarter, not harder. 
  • Maintain work-life balance. When you’re working from home, it’s super easy to lose track of time and start working after hours. While it can bring you extra money, it will cause severe burnout sooner or later. So, maintain a work-life balance to keep your head clear. 
  • Find what works for you. Remote work is awesome, thanks to the flexibility it offers. You can work from home, in a cafe, or at that hotel in Greece that we mentioned. Whatever option works for you, go for it as it will help you be more productive. 

We’d also like to add one important thing – develop a routine if you’re just starting your career path. It will help you adapt with minimum stress and let you actually enjoy your job, not feel pressured by it. 

Now Over to You

In conclusion, it makes sense to add that work-from-home jobs are also not for everybody. Some people perform better in the office setting, as working shoulder-to-shoulder with others motivates them more. 

However, if you consider yourself a home bird and you love marketing, why not try one of the jobs we listed here? 

Besides, for some of them, you don’t really need education – just some courses to earn the necessary qualification. So, it’s also a great opportunity to earn money and experience if you’re a student and haven’t got your diploma yet. 

By the way, if you’re interested in digital marketing jobs but lack theoretical knowledge, check out our blog! We have excellent guides on many topics, from link building to product marketing. 

Mariia is a content strategist and editor at Digital Marketer’s World. She is passionate about educating others on all things marketing and believes in the power of the written word.